Why does Traxxas Link "see" a model I don't have?
Article #542669


At the factory, the receiver installed in each Traxxas model is programmed with the settings for that model, and the receiver will "identify itself" to the TQi as the model it is installed into. For example, in the illustration at right, the TQi understands it is bound to a Funny Car because the receiver "tells" the TQi it is installed in a Funny Car.

However, if the Funny Car's receiver is then installed in another vehicle (an E-Revo in this example), the TQi will still "see" a Funny Car. If the app is showing a model that is not the one you are linked to, it is because the receiver has not been assigned to the correct model.

Via the Traxxas Link application, you can assign the receiver to any Traxxas model you wish (or even re-name the receiver to  suit any personal R/C project you're controlling with the TQi transmitter). To assign the receiver to a new model, use the Select Model feature. For instructions on using the Select Model feature, click here.