What accessories do I need to buy in order to run a Traxxas nitro model?
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What accessories do I need to buy in order to run a Traxxas nitro model?

Traxxas Ready-To-Race® models include nearly everything you need to operate your model, but there are a few additional items that you will need to gather before you can begin having fun with your nitro-powered Traxxas vehicle. The items below are not required by each nitro model; consult the specific product pages for each model for specific details.


• Glow plug igniter 

(Note: If your model is equipped with the EZ-Start®, you will not need the glow plug igniter, it's built in.) The glow plug igniter is used to heat the glow plug so it can ignite the fuel-air mixture within the engine and begin internal combustion. The glow igniter is only used to start the engine, and is removed once the engine is running. 


Traxxas Top Fuel™ Power Plus (available in quarts or gallons, not sold online)

Only use model fuel in your Traxxas vehicle, NEVER gasoline or any other fuel. Traxxas strongly recommends Traxxas Top Fuel Power Plus for maximum performance and reliability. Top Fuel is available in quarts and gallons, in a range of nitromethane percentages. See the item numbers below.

    Part# 5010-Traxxas Top Fuel, 10% nitromethane (quart)

    Part# 5020-Traxxas Top Fuel, 20% nitromethane (quart)

    Part# 5030-Traxxas Top Fuel, 33% nitromethane (quart)

    Part# 5060-Traxxas Top Fuel, 10% nitromethane (gallon)

    Part# 5070-Traxxas Top Fuel, 20% nitromethane (gallon)

    Part# 5080-Traxxas Top Fuel, 33% nitromethane (gallon)


4 "AA" batteries (part #2914) for 2.4GHz Traxxas Link™ transmitters or 8 "AA" batteries for all other Traxxas transmitters


4 "AA" batteries (part #2914) for receiver

(excludes Revo 3.3. Revo 3.3 includes a built-in 5-cell NiMH rechargeable receiver battery)


• Spare glow plugs 

(Only use Traxxas glow plugs in the TRX engine)

    Part #3230-glow plug, standard (long-hot)

    Part #3232-glow plug, heavy-duty (long-medium temp)

    Part #3232X-glow plug, super-duty (long-medium)    


Small flat blade screwdriver for making engine adjustments


Other Accessories you'll need down the road include:

After run oil for storage (like WD-40™)

Needle nose pliers

Thin CA Glue (part #6468) for replacing, mixing/matching tires