VXL Model Runs momentarily and slows down/stops
Article #542611

VXL Model runs for a moment and stops/slows down

1: ESC entering Low Voltage detection.
The default setting of the VXL ESC enables low voltage detection. This is indicated by slow blinking LED's on the ESC. Fully recharge your batteries, or turn off low voltage detection by turning on the system and holding the SET button down for approximately 10 seconds until the LED turns solid red. If ESC continuously enters low voltage detection, the batteries may not be receiving a full charge. Consult the owners manual that you received with the charger.

2: Signal interference
Ensure that the transmitter is using fully charged AA alkaline batteries and that the LED located near the on/off switch is solid red. Verify that the frequency crystals (27MHz radio only) match and that they are fully seated in their base.

3: ESC Overheating
The ESC can overheat and enter thermal protection mode. This is indicated by a fast blinking red. Allow the system to cool, and if necessary, replace the pinion gear on the motor with a smaller pinion gear (fewer teeth) to reduce the load placed on the system.