Using "Select Model" to delete models and assign a receiver to a new model
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All current Traxxas models are built into the app and pre-programmed with the factory transmitter settings. When you bind the TQi to a Traxxas model equipped with a Traxxas Link receiver, the transmitter will recognize the model and load its default settings. There is no need to select a model when binding or linking your transmitter to any Traxxas model equipped with its factory-installed receiver. If your transmitter is equipped with a Docking Base and you are running the Traxxas Link app on your iPhone or iPod touch, an image of the model will be displayed in the upper left corner of the app's home screen. No model selection is required, but the app does feature a Select Model function that allows you to assign a receiver to a new model, or delete vehicles from the app's Vehicle History. Here's what it all means, and how to use the Select Model function.



When to use Select Model

If you install the receiver from one Traxxas model into a different model (for example, moving a Funny Car's receiver to an E-Revo), the TQi and Traxxas Link app will not "know" that you've made the swap; the TQi will still "think" it's linked to a Funny Car. In this case, you can use Select Model to assign the receiver to an E-Revo. Or, you may have a Traxxas Link receiver that you purchased separately and has not yet been assigned to a vehicle. Select Model will allow you to assign any Traxxas model to that receiver (or even re-name the receiver to suit any personal R/C project you're controlling with your TQi radio system and Traxxas Link).





Using the "Select Model" function

1. Start at the home screen and power up your transmitter and model.  The app will recognize the model and display it in the upper left corner, and the transmitter (TX) and Vehicle (Veh) icons will show green indicating the transmitter and model are linked. We're linked to a Funny Car (or more precisely, a Funny Car's receiver) in this example, so the Funny Car appears in the upper left corner. Tap Select Model to access the Vehicle Selection screen.


2. On the Vehicle Selection screen, you'll see Vehicle History and Vehicle Categories. Vehicle History shows all the vehicles you've previously selected. Note that the Revo 3.3 is an "unlinked" and the Slash 4X4 and Funny Car are "Linked." The Revo 3.3 is "unlinked" because the Revo 3.3 has been selected using the app before, but the TQI has never actually been linked or bound to a Revo 3.3. The Slash 4X4 and Funny Car have been previously linked to the TQi, so they are labeled "linked." Note that the Funny Car has a checkmark next to it. This indicates the Funny Car is currently selected.


3. To select a model from Vehicle History, just touch anywhere in that model's field. The screen below will pop up to ask if wish to make the model active, rename it, or duplicate the model.

4. Touch Make [model] Active to activate the model.

5. When you tap Proceed, TQi will load the settings for the model, including any changes made to the settings the last time the model was linked to the TQi. The green checkmark will appear next to the selected model.


4. Now we'll assign the receiver to a new vehicle that we've never bound or linked to, which in this example will be an E-Revo Brushless Edition. Swipe up to reveal Model Categories, then touch the category of the model you want to select. The E-Revo is a 4WD Off-Road Electric model, so we'll touch the field for that category.


5. Swipe left or right to scroll through the available models. When you've arrived at the model you want, touch the Select button.


6. The app will give you the opportunity to change the name of the vehicle. Tap Save to use the default name, or give the model a new name and tap Save to rename the model.


7. The app will return to the Home screen, and the model will appear in the upper left corner.



Deleting a model using "Select Model"

1. Start at the home screen. The app will display the last model the transmitter was linked to. Touch Select Model to access the Vehicle Selection screen.


2. To delete a model, swipe from right to left anywhere in that model's field to reveal the Delete button. 


3. Touch Delete, and the app will ask you to confirm the deletion. Touch Delete Vehicle to finish the deletion. The model and its last-used settings are now deleted from Vehicle History. If you saved any Profiles for the model, they will not be deleted.



Why can't I delete a model?

Only models in Vehicle History can be deleted. The app does not permit you to delete any of the pre-loaded Traxxas models from the Vehicle Categories section.



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