Troubleshooting - Engine starts and then stalls
Article #542311
  1. Glow plug fouled or weak
    Check for solid green light on EZ-Start® control box gow plug status LED. Test and/or replace glow plug. Replace with Traxxas #3230, #3232 or #3232X glow plugs.
  2. Carburetor incorrectly adjusted
    Readjust carburetor to factory break-in settings for TRX 2.5, 2.5R or 3.3 When using fuel with 10% nitro, the hi-speed mixture setting should be 1/2 turn leaner
  3. Idle speed set too low
    Increase idle speed TRX 2.5/3.3 or Pro.15.
  4. Air bubble in fuel line / insufficient fuel tank pressure
    Check for leaks or pin holes in fuel tank and fuel lines. Replace tank and/or fuel lines if necessary.
  5. Fuel flow blocked
    Check that all fuel lines are clear with no pinhole leaks. Check for dirt blockage in the carburetor fuel inlet and high speed needle seat/ Install inline fuel filter. If fuel does not flow through the carburetor, remove and clean the carburetor's internals with a nitro cleaner solution from your local hobby shop.
  6. Engine excessively worn
    Repair or replace engine through the Traxxas Engine Replacement Plan.
  7. Broken / stretched clutch spring
    Replace clutch spring.
  8. Roller clutch bearing seized to starter shaft
    Remove and clean or replace the roller clutch bearing.
  9. Recommended reading
    Carburetor Care for Your TRX 2.5 and 3.3 (see also carburetor settings for Pro.15)