Troubleshooting - Engine stalls during normal driving or braking
Article #542307
  1. Out of fuel or low fuel level
    Fill fuel tank
  2. Idle screw incorrectly adjusted
    Raise your idle speed adjustment (clockwise) to prevent carburetor from closing too far.  TRX 2.5 / 3.3 or Pro .15
  3. Improper or contaminated fuel
    Replace fuel. Top Fuel Power Plus is recommended.
  4. Glow plug fouled or weak
    Check for the glow plug light on the handheld starter when the EZ-Start® button is pressed. No light indicates a completely shorted plug or loose connection. Replace with the correct Traxxas glow plug for best performance.
  5. Fuel flow blocked
    Check that all fuel lines are clear with no pinhole leaks. Check for dirt blockage in the carburetor fuel inlet and high speed needle seat.
  6. Air bubble in fuel line
    Prime the engine to force air through/ Check for pinhole leaks in the fuel line
  7. Insufficient fuel tank pressure
    Replace the pressure hose (between pipe and fuel tank)/ clear blockage in the tuned pipe hose fitting/ check flow to and from tank/ Check seal on fuel tank cap
  8. Carburetor incorrectly adjusted
    Retune your 2.5 / 3.3 or Pro .15 engine.
  9. Air cleaner plugged
    Clean and replace air cleaner element
  10. Engine excessively worn
    Repair or replace engine through the Traxxas Engine Replacement Plan.