Troubleshooting - Engine overheats
Article #542293
  1. Improper or contaminated fuel
    Replace the fuel. Traxxas recommends using Top Fuel.
  2. Excessive nitro in the fuel
    Use fuel with a lower nitro content. Recommended nitro content for Traxxas engines is 10% to 33%.
  3. Incorrect oil content in the fuel
    Switch to a recommended brand of fuel. Traxxas recommends Traxxas Top Fuel for all Traxxas engines.
  4. Carburetor incorrectly adjusted
    Readjust carburetor to factory break-in settings. When using fuel with 10% nitro, the hi-speed mixture setting should generally be 1/2 turn leaner. 
  5. Low-speed fuel mixture is too lean
    Richen the TRX 2.5/3.3 or Pro .15 Low speed needle setting. See also carburetor care for more information.
  6. High-speed fuel mixture is too lean
    Richen the TRX 2.5/3.3 or Pro .15 High-Speed fuel mixture setting.
  7. Fuel flow blocked
    Check that all fuel lines are clear with no pinhole leaks. Check for dirt blockage in the carburetor fuel inlet and high speed needle seat/ Install inline fuel filter.
  8. Air bubble in fuel line
    Prime the engine to force air through/ Check for pinhole leaks in the fuel line
  9. Cooling air to head is blocked
    Cut ventilation holes in the body (windshield)
  10. Excessive load on the engine
    Check for bound drivetrain