Troubleshooting - Engine has poor performance and poor acceleration
Article #542291
  1. Improper, old, or contaminated fuel
    Replace fuel. Top Fuel is recommended.
  2. Glow plug fouled or weak
    Check for solid green light on EZ-Start® control box gow plug status LED. Test and/or replace glow plug.
  3. Carburetor incorrectly adjusted
    Readjust carburetor to factory break-in settings
  4. Dirty air filter
    Clean and relube or replace air filter
  5. Slipper clutch loose
    Tighten the slipper clutch
  6. Engine clutch slipping
    Replace clutch shoes
  7. Excessive load on the engine
    Check for bound drivetrain
  8. 2-speed shift point needs adjusting (2-speed vehicles only)
    Tighten the shift point adjustment screw clockwise to raise the shift point (shift later) or counterclockwise to lower the shift point (shift sooner).
  9. Stripped or worn spur gears
    Replace the spur gear(s) before continuing to run the model.
  10. Carburetor low speed mixture set too rich
    Adjust the TRX 2.5/3.3 or Pro .15 Low speed needle setting. See also carburetor care for more information.
  11. Engine excessively worn
    Repair or replace engine through the Traxxas Engine Replacement Plan.