Troubleshooting - Engine Will Not Start
Article #542313
  1. Engine stuck at Top Dead Center (TDC)
    If engine will not rotate, or if engine has not been started before, you may need to Release the engine from TDC.
  2. EZ-Start® battery not charged
    Use a freshly charged battery If you've been trying to start the engine for a few minutes, recharge your battery again for maximum voltage.
  3. Glow plug fouled or weak
    Check for "glow plug" light when EZ-Start® is inserted into car and the button is pressed. Test and/or replace glow plug. Replace with Traxxas #3230, #3232 or #3232X glow plugs.
  4. Engine not primed
    Force fuel into the carburetor by Priming The Engine.
  5. Fuel flow blocked
    Check that the red fuel clip (if equipped) is released and that all fuel lines are clear with no pinhole leaks. Check for dirt blockage in the carburetor fuel inlet, high speed needle seat, or the inline fuel filter.
  6. Roller clutch bearing
    The roller clutch (one way bearing, or OWB) may be slipping or is stuck on the starter shaft inside the EZ-Start. Clean or replace Roller Clutch.
  7. Engine stuck at wide open throttle (WOT)
    Make sure the transmitter is set up properly, and that your carburetor is set at idle when the throttle trigger is at neutral. Take the air filter off and look into the carburetor. The gap or opening should be about 1-2mm wide at idle.  Retune your 2.5 / 3.3 or Pro .15 engine
  8. Improper or contaminated fuel
    We recommend Traxxas Top Fuel Power Plus. Fuel must be fresh. Replace fuel.
  9. Out of fuel
    Fill fuel tank with fresh nitro fuel
  10. Blue glow plug wire loose from glow plug
    Crimp the connector on glow plug wire and make sure connection is secure. If wire is damaged, replace or repair the blue glow plug wire
  11. Yellow EZ Start wire disconnected
    This is the grounding wire for the glow plug. Ensure that it remains undamaged and bolted to the engine mount.
  12. Carburetor incorrectly adjusted
    Readjust carburetor to factory break-in settings .
  13. Exhaust blocked
    Clear any obstructions or replace the exhaust pipe if necessary
  14. Broken clutch shoe spring
    The clutch may be dragging, preventing the engine from starting. Inspect or replace clutch shoe spring
  15. Air bubble in fuel line
    Prime the engine to force air through. / Check for pinhole leaks in the fuel line.
  16. Loose flywheel
    Replace flywheel nut
  17. Engine excessively worn
    Repair or replace engine through the Traxxas Engine Replacement Plan.
  18. Engine incorrectly assembled
    If the engine was recently rebuilt, verify that it was reassembled properly as shown. Here ishow to rebuild the TRX 2.5/3.3 engine.