Steering control is erratic, but throttle and brake response is fine
Article #542295
  1. Steering servo is damaged
    Test servo or replace with a new servo, Traxxas part #2056 (waterproof) or #2075 (waterproof).
  2. Servo saver is worn out
    If steering becomes sluggish, or centering problems start to arise, replace the servo saver
  3. Pivot ball caps are too tight
    Loosen the pivot balls
  4. Bushings in the steering bellcrank are worn
    Replace the 5x8x2.5mm bellcrank bushings (Part No. 2545)
  5. Rod ends are binding or have developed play
    Replace the worn rod ends and hollow ball connectors.
  6. Incorrect wheel alignment
    Adjust front toe angle and camber settings to factory specs.
  7. Tires installed incorrectly
    Install the tires correctly
  8. Damaged receiver or transmitter
    The radio system may be sending or receiving faulty signals. Test, replace, or send to Traxxas for repair.