Steering binds
Article #542327
  1. Bushings in the steering bellcrank are worn
    Replace the bellcrank bushings or bearings. (Rustler Bell crank shown)
  2. Rod ends are binding or have developed play
    Replace the worn rod ends and hollow ball connectors.
  3. Pivot ball caps are too tight (Maxx/Revo trucks)
    Loosen the pivot ball caps
  4. Screws that secure the steering bellcrank system are loose (Maxx Trucks)
    Tighten up the 3 x 8mm BCS screws that secure the bellcrank posts from above.

  5. Servo saver screw too long
    If the servo saver was recently replaced, ensure that the screw used to secure the servo saver to the servo was not too long and binding the servo's internals. (Rustler servo saver shown)