Slipper Clutch Adjustment
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Some models are equipped with an adjustable slipper clutch which is built into the large spur gear. The purpose of the slipper clutch is to regulate the amount of power sent to the rear wheels to prevent tire spin. Think of it as adjustable traction control. The Slipper also helps prevent damage to gears and driveshafts by reducing the shock loads transmitted to the drivetrain in situations such as landing from a large jump with the throttle held wide open. Electric Models E-Maxx?The truck will seem sluggish, especially off the line. Inability to do wheelies, and a squeal when accelerating from a stop may be heard. Tighten the nut all of the way down then back off about ? turn.A loose grub screw is a small problem that can cause big problems if it is not corrected. If the pinion is loose, one motor must carry the entire load of the truck. Also, the grub screw can come out and jam in between the opposite motor pinion and spur. Check both grub screws and make sure they are tight. While you\'re at it, check and adjust the gear mesh if necessary. We recommend that you stop the E-Maxx at the first sign of a performance loss. One motor operation usually means an inability to wheelie the truck (loss of torque), but not necessarily a loss of overall speed.Other Electric modelsThe slipper clutch makes a high-pitched, chirping noise when it slips. Remove the transmission cover in order to adjust the slipper. Turn the adjusting nut clockwise to tighten and counterclockwise to loosen. Place the model on a high-traction surface, such as carpet. Adjust the slipper so that you can hear it slip for approximately two-feet from a standing, full-throttle start. Nitro ModelsWhen installed on nitro models, and 4-wheel drive models, the slipper serves mainly as protection for the drivetrain. The engine clutch and the smoother low end power output of a nitro engine, and on some models the 4-wheel drive system, keep traction from being a problem. The slipper clutch on these models should be set tight (minimal slippage). If the slipper clutch is allowed to slip under normal acceleration, then the heat buildup will melt the spur gear. Nitro Rustler?, Nitro Stampede?, and other two-wheel drive nitro models: To check the adjustment, hold the model so that the driving wheels cannot turn. With the drive wheels locked, push on the spur gear with your thumb. It should be difficult, but not impossible to move the spur gear. If the spur gear moves easily, then tighten the adjusting nut and retest. T-Maxx?, E-Maxx? : The slipper needs to be almost locked. Tighten the slipper nut until it stops and then back the adjustment out 1/8th of a turn. Until you have the adjustment set, check the spur gear often for signs of excess slippage. Adjusting the slipper clutch on a rustler using e 4-way wrench Test the tightness of the slipper clutch on two-wheel drive models by holding the rear wheels and pushing on the spur gear with your thumb. It should be very difficult to turn the spur gear. Jato?:Use the T-wrench provided with your Jato to adjust the slipper nut.Step ? Check slip by holding the rear wheels secure, while trying to rotate the spur gear with your other hand. The gear should slightly move with medium effort.