Shift servo not operating
Article #542341
  1. Servo connector is unplugged or loose
    Check the connector that plugs into channel #3 on the receiver to make sure it's connected properly.
  2. Servo-reversing switch improperly set
    Set channel 3 (shift) reversing switch so that the servo operates in the correct direction.
  3. Servo lead wires are cut or frayed
    Fix or send the servo back to Traxxas for repair.
  4. Failed or damaged servo(s)
    Test the servo(s) for proper operation.
  5. Damaged frequency crystal
    Replace the damaged crystal set (RX & TX) before continuing to run the model.
  6. Shift servo (channel 3) trim adjustment is improperly set
    The shift servo is set at the factory and should not require adjustment. If you have removed or replaced the shift servo, however, you may have to make trim adjustments.
  7. Optidrive Preventing shift
    If your nitro vehicle is equipped with an Optidrive, ensure that the vehicle is stationary before attempting to shift, and verify that there is no red error light on the Optidrive. Reset or reprogram if necessary.