Salt Water and Your Traxxas Boat
Article #542421

Can I run my Traxxas Boat in salt water?

Your Traxxas boat will operate normally in salt water, but Traxxas strongly recommends against it because salt water is extremely corrosive. Damage from corrosion is not covered by your model's warranty. If you do choose to operate your model in salt water, flush it out with fresh water after use, and re-lubricate the drive system as described in your model's manual. If your model is not equipped with waterproof electronics, remove or protect the radio system before flushing the boat with the fresh water. A water-displacing lubricant such as WD-40 may be applied to hardware and metal parts to help prevent corrosion. Periodically remove the top of the water cooled head on the Nitro Vee to remove the salt and mineral deposits which will accumulate. Pay particular attention to oiling the metal driveshafts to prevent rust. The best way to prevent corrosion is to run your model in fresh water only.