Return to Shore (RTS) inoperable
Article #542361
  1. No batteries in on-board battery box
    Install 6 AA batteries in onboard box
  2. RTS wires broken or unplugged
    Replace RTS wire harness with Traxxas part# 3590 or reinstall plugs.
  3. RTS motor damaged
    Replace RTS motor with Traxxas part#3562
  4. Throttle/RTS servo inoperable
    Replace servo with Traxxas part#2018
  5. RTS contacts damaged or misaligned
    Replace contacts (Traxxas part #3590) or readjust.
  6. Servo horn broken (throttle servo)
    Replace servo horn
  7. RTS wire hooked up backwards
    Check wires for correct polarity. When operating RTS gear must move toward driveline.