Replace the clutch in a Nitro 4-Tec?
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Replace the clutch in a Nitro 4-Tec?

STEP 1: Remove the large E-Clip that secures the 20-groove pulley to the rear pulley shaft. Next, remove the pulley flange, and remove the center drive belt.


STEP 2: Remove the 20-groove pulley followed by the drive pin.


STEP 3: Remove the 2-speed spur gear cluster by sliding the assembly off the pulley shaft.


STEP 4: Remove the 2-speed clutch bell gear cluster. you'll need to wedge a screwdriver between the flywheel opening in the chassis and the flywheel in order to lock the flywheel. Remove the 3x10mm cap head screw with a 2.5mm hex wrench.


STEP 5: Remove the clutch bell gear cluster from the flywheel. Be careful not to lose the PTFE washer that slides over the clutch nut behind the rear clutch bell bearing.


STEP 6: Slide a screwdriver behind the clutch to assist in the removal.

STEP 7: Remove the clutch.