Repairing Cut or Damaged Wiring
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Repairing Cut or Damaged Wiring

If only a small portion of the wiring is exposed (the wire has not been cut completely through), you can repair the insulation with liquid electrical tape or silicone adhesive.

If the wire has been completely cut or it's hanging on by a few strands of copper wire and you’re skilled with a soldering iron you can repair the cut wire yourself. Repairing damaged wiring is easy and it can save you time and money, but care must be taken any time a soldering iron is used.

First, slide a piece of thin gauge heat shrink tubing over the wires.

Next, splice the wires together and tin the wire with a small amount of solder.

Finally, cover the solder joint with the heat-shrink tubing and heat the area with a heat gun or blow dryer.

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