Re-Oiling the Motor Bushings
Article #542493

Re-Oiling Motor Bushings

(Process shown using Villain boat)



Brushed motors equipped with bushings requires timely maintenance in order to stay in top running condition. These bushings are located at each end of the motor can and support the motors armature, allowing it to rotate smoothly. Failure to lubricate the bushings regularly may result in shorter motor lifespans. Use an oil made for electric motors such as 3-in-1 Oil, or a special motor bushing lube found at your local hobby shop.


For land vehicles:

Re-oil the motor bushings every hour or so of operation. You can also use electric motor spray to keep the motor free of debris and dust.


For boats:

Re-oil the motor bushings before every day of running. Periodically re-oil the bushings in the outdrive housings and the driveshaft tubes. There are metal oiling nipples in each drive unit to accommodate oiling the driveshaft tube bushings.