Motor and battery pack get hot after every run
Article #542251

The motor or battery should not become too hot to touch. Inspect the following to help determine the cause.

  1. Motor is dirty or damaged
    Every 10-15 runs, remove, clean, and lubricate the motor.  Use a product such as electric motor cleaning spray to flush dirt out of the motor. After cleaning, lubricate the bushings at each end of the motor with a drop of light-weight electric motor oil.
  2. Drive train is binding
    Remove the motor's pinion gear and roll the vehicle on a flat surface to check the drive train for binding.
  3. Hot electronics
    Let model cool down between runs.
  4. Model is overgeared
    Re-gear the model with a lower tooth pinion gear to lessen the load on the motor.
  5. Recommended reading
    Re-oiling the motor Bushings