Model loses control after 50 feet
Article #542259
  1. Batteries in the transmitter are weak, or completely discharged
    Check for a bright red LED on transmitter. If the transmitter's LED blinks, install fresh batteries before continuing to run the model.
  2. Onboard battery pack is not properly charged
    Charge battery completely.
  3. Servo lead wires are cut or frayed
    Fix or send the servo back to Traxxas for repair.
  4. Antenna lead cut, or damaged
    Fix or send the receiver to Traxxas for repair.
  5. Loose hardware on model (nitro models)
    Inspect engine mountings and linkages for loose nuts or bolts that can cause radio interference.
  6. Damaged frequency crystal(27 MHz)
    Replace the damaged crystal set (RX & TX) before continuing to run the model.
  7. Transmitter failure
    Return the component to Traxxas for service.
  8. Receiver damage
    Moisture can damage the receiver. Ensure that it remains dry. If damaged, Return the component to Traxxas for service, or replace the receiver with a new one.
  9. Similar frequency in use nearby
    Switch crystals to a different frequency. There may be another hobbyist nearby using your channel.
  10. Uncontrollable signal interference
    If condition persists, try another area. Systems which operate using radiowaves are still susceptible to signal corruption
  11. The transmitter and receiver need to be rebound (2.4 GHz)
    Bind the transmitter to the receiver