Model glitches and stutters (Blast)
Article #542405

Onboard batteries not properly charged Replace, or Charge battery completely. Servo lead wires are cut or frayed Fix or send the servo back to Traxxas for repair.Antenna lead cut, or damaged Fix or send the receiver to Traxxas for repair.Damaged frequency crystal Replace the damaged crystal set (RX & TX) before continuing to run the model.Motor is dirty or damaged Give the motor a thorough cleaning and then install it back on the motor mount.Batteries in the transmitter are weak, or completely discharged Check for a bright red LED on transmitter. If the transmitter's LED blinks, install fresh batteries before continuing to run the model.Receiver or transmitter failure Return the component to Traxxas for service.Frequency conflictSomeone nearby may already be using your frequency. Try another frequency or go to another area.ESC requires setup Follow the instructions shown in your manual for basic ESC setup.