Model does not track straight
Article #542253
  1. Steering trim not adjusted correctly
    Adjust steering trim dial on the transmitter until the vehicle tracks straight.
  2. Servo saver is worn out
    If steering becomes sluggish, or centering problems start to arise, replace the servo saver.
  3. Bent suspension screw pin or hinge pin
    Replace the bent suspension pins with a new set.
  4. Bent shock shaft
    Replace bent shock shafts before continuing to run the model.
  5. Incorrect wheel alignment
    Adjust the front toe angle and caster and front and rear camber to factory specs.  Go here for suspension and setup articles.
  6. Rod ends are binding or have developed play
    Replace the worn or binding rod ends and hollow ball connectors.
  7. Missing axle drive pins
    Install drive pins in the axle
  8. Bushings in the steering bellcrank have developed play (If so equipped)
    Replace the worn 5x8x2.5mm bellcrank bushings (Part No. 2545)
  9. Pivot ball caps are too tight (Maxx or Revo Trucks)
    Loosen the pivot ball retainers
  10. Tires installed backwards (Chevron tires only)
    Install tires correctly.