Model does not run (no movement)
Article #542249
  1. Transmitter not switched on
    The radio must be turned on first before connecting the battery pack. Turn on the vehicle after a fully charged battery has been installed.
  2. Battery pack is not properly connected or is damaged
    Make sure the battery pack is plugged in correctly and that the pins inside of the connector (plug) are not bent or damaged. Try another battery if you are unsure of your battery's status.
  3. Battery pack is completely discharged
    The battery must be charged for the vehicle to operate. Charge the battery pack.
  4. ESC Error?
    XL-5, XL-10, and EVX-2 electronic speed controls feature thermal protection and low voltage shutoffs. Verify the ESC has not entered one of these states by checking for a solid green light. On these ESC's, (Non LVD) a red light indicates a fault.  If your ESC has Low Voltage Detection (LVD) it will depend on the mode you are in.
  5. VXL Brushless ESC Fault
    The Velineon system may show a red light if voltage cutoff is disabled, but must show a solid color for proper operation. Flashing light on VXL indicates error. View VXL manual for more detail: VXL-3m (1/16 models) or VXL-3s (1/10 models)
  6. ESC requires programming
    You may need to reprogram the ESC for proper operation.
  7. Speed control receiver lead is unplugged or loose
    Check the connector that plugs into channel #2 on the receiver to make sure that it's tight.
  8. Servo lead wires are cut or frayed
    Fix or send the servo back to Traxxas for repair.
  9. Damaged frequency crystal
    Replace the damaged crystal set (RX & TX) before continuing to run the model.
  10. Receiver failure
    Test, replace, or Return the receiver to Traxxas for service.
  11. Failed or damaged servo(s)
    Mechanical speed controls require a functioning servo to operate properly. Test the servo(s) for proper operation.
  12. Missing axle drive pins?
    Install drive pins in the axle and tighten the wheel nuts.
  13. Motor Worn
    Electric motors require periodic replacement. Check the motor (brushed) by removing it and connecting directly to a 7.2v battery. Replace the motor if it turns slowly or not at all. If the motor turns quickly, the issue lies with the ESC or radio system. *This step does NOT apply to brushless motors.
  14. Burned out resister or speed control (mechanical speed controls only).
    Visually inspect the resistor - if it's cracked or discolored replace it with a new one. If the resistor looks fine, you'll need to replace the mechanical speed control. The mechanical speed control includes a new resistor just in case.
  15. Loose or damaged spur gear
    A loose or stripped spur gear will prevent the truck from moving when the motor revs up. Also make sure the slipper clutch is not loose and slipping excessively. See Spur Gear Maintenance
  16. Pinion gear loose
    Tighten the set screw on the motor pinion and veify that it is not loose.
  17. Transmission damage
    Open the transmission and inspect for damaged gears. See Exploded View Drawings and Repair and Service for assistance.