How To - Measuring Traxxas Hardware
Article #542727

How to measure the hardware used in your Traxxas vehicle.

One of the advantages of hobby level R/C vehicles is that they can be taken apart and worked on. However, what do you do when you can't remember which screw or pin goes in a specific location, or when the diagram shows a specific size screw, but you're not quite sure?

Let's say your model's diagram calls for 4X10mm CCS screws to mount the front bumper. To measure the screw we need to first know what CCS stands for. CCS is the abbreviation for "Countersunk Cap Screw". Now that we know the type of screw, we can measure it.

The first number is the width of the screw and the second number is the length (width x length). Use a ruler with millimeter (mm) markings to measure the screw.

For countersunk screws, place the screw alongside the ruler and measure the length from the head of the screw (flat surface) to the bottom of the threads. Next, measure the width of the screw by placing the bottom of the screw against the ruler.

For other screws, like Cap (CS), Buttonhead Cap (BCS), and Roundhead Machine (RM) type screws measure just the threads on the length of the screw, and measure the width as done previously.

When measuring a Hinge Pin, place the pin next to the ruler and measure the length from end to end.