How do I set the Gear Mesh on my Traxxas Model?
Article #542661

Incorrect gear mesh is the most common cause of stripped spur gears. Gear mesh should be checked and adjusted anytime a gear is replaced.

To set the gear mesh in an electric model, cut a narrow strip of notebook paper and run it into the gear mesh. Loosen the motor screws and slide the motor and pinion gear into the spur gear. Retighten the motor screws and then remove the strip of paper. You should be able to run a fresh strip of paper through the gears without binding them.

To set the gear mesh on a nitro model, place a strip of standard letter/A4 size copy or printer paper (about 0.1mm thick) between the mating teeth. Loosen the four engine mount screws from the bottom side of the chassis and slide the engine mount up to push the clutch bell gear against the spur gear so the paper is not too tight to pull out or too loose that it will fall out. Tighten the engine mount screws securely. When the paper is removed, you should feel only the slightest amount of play between the gears (almost none) and there should be no binding or friction.

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