How can I convert my Nitro Sport to a Nitro Rustler?
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How can I convert my Nitro Sport to a Nitro Rustler?

If your Nitro Sport is equipped with a TRX.15, follow steps 1 through 3 below to upgrade to a Pro.15. 

(If your Nitro Sport is equipped with a Pro.15, you can purchase:

Part #4400: Nitro Rustler Pro.15 to TRX 2.5 Upgrade Kit

You can also do our engine exchange program to put in a TRX 2.5 Racing Engine (click here). 

Installing the 6.0mm Big Bore carburetor and a slipper clutch would be the first step to increase the speed and performance of your Nitro Sport. Installation of these two parts will bring your speed up to 40mph. The slipper clutch is required to protect the gears and driveline from the added power that the Pro carb delivers.
Part# 4033 Pro Big Bore carburetor (6.0mm bore)
Part# 4615 Slipper Clutch

The extra power that the Pro carburetor delivers can sometimes cause an increased engine temperature. Installing the Pro cooling-head will provide more cooling for your engine if you notice that it is overheating.
Part# 4032 Pro head (blue-anodized)

The following are parts used to change the direct steering of the Nitro Sport to the bellcrank steering of the Nitro Rustler. Bellcrank steering will give you better handling, quicker steering response, and less bump steering.
Part# 4430 Lower Chassis
Part# 4431 Upper Chassis Deck
Part# 4432 Fuel Tank Box
Part# 2543 Bellcranks
Part# 2545 Bellcrank Bushings
Part# 1942 Hollow Ball Connectors
Part# 1937 Turnbuckles
Part# 2334 Turnbuckles
Part# 1935 Turnbuckles
Part# 3744 Servo Saver
Part# 4453 Muffler Hanger
Part# 3185 3x8wm screws, (for receiver plate/steering servo) (6)
Part# 2553 3x15CSM screws, (for tie rods/draglink)
Part# 3176 3x10CST, (for chassis assembly)
Part# 2560 3x10RST, (for top plate assembly)
Part# 3187 3x15WM, (for bellcrank attachment)