How To - Perform After-run Procedure
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After-run Procedure

You must perform after-run maintenance on your Traxxas engine whenever the model will be stored for longer than a few hours. Taking the time to prepare your engine for storage will reward you with longer engine life, easier starting, and better performance.
When a nitro engine is shut off, some excess unburned fuel remains in the engine. The methanol in model engine fuel is hygroscopic, which means it easily attracts and absorbs moisture. This moisture can cause rust and corrosion on the steel engine parts (crankshaft, bearings, wrist pin and starter shaft) if the fuel is not removed from the engine. There are after run oil products available from your hobby dealer or you can use WD-40, a common household lubricant. To ensure your TRX 2.5R Racing Engine is protected from internal corrosion, use the following procedure:

1. Whenever possible, shut off the engine by pinching the fuel line closed. This allows most of the excess fuel to be consumed by the engine. Be sure the throttle is in the idle position. You may have to pinch the fuel line closed for several seconds before the engine stops.

2. Completely empty the fuel tank. Use your fuel-dispensing bottle to suck out the old fuel. Do not mix the old fuel with your fresh fuel supply. If you leave fuel in the tank, transporting or handling your Revo may cause fuel to run into the engine.

3. With the fuel tank empty and the throttle at the idle position, try to start the engine. The engine will most likely start and run for a few seconds as it uses up any fuel remaining in the engine and fuel lines.

4. Once the engine stops, clean the outside of the engine with compressed air or spray motor cleaner. Once the engine is clean and dry, remove the glow plug power wire, glow plug, and air filter.

5. Open the throttle fully and spray a one-second burst of WD-40 into the carburetor and into the glow plug hole (Caution! Wear safety mglasses to prevent spray from getting into your eyes). If you are using after-run oil, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

6. Place a rag or paper towel over the engine to catch any WD-40 or after-run oil that may come out the carburetor or glow plug hole.

7. Connect the EZ-Start® controller to the model and spin the engine for 10 seconds.

8. Remove the rag or paper towel and repeat steps 5-7 two more times.

9. Clean and re-oil the air filter so it will be ready for use next time.

10. Replace the glow plug, reconnect the glow plug power wire, and reinstall the air filter.

Denatured alcohol (available from home centers and paint supply stores) in a spray bottle is an extremely effective cleaner.
Be sure to wear safety glasses and gloves when working with denatured alcohol.
Be sure to follow proper maintenance and storage procedures to avoid damage to your engine and other components of your model.
Don't put the fuel from your tank back into your fuel jug. Dispose of it properly, following city or county regulations.
Always wear eye protection when using compressed air or spray cleaners and lubricants.