How To - Adjust the Steering Trim
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How To Adjust The Steering Trim on your Traxxas Vehicle

The steering trim can be adjusted from the transmitter by using the steering trim knob.

If you notice that your vehicle is not tracking straight, simply turn the knob until the desired setting is achieved. Be sure to do this in small increments.

Should your vehicle need a large amount of steering trim, disconnect the servo from the servo horn, center the steering trim knob, then power on the transmitter and vehicle. The servo will center to its neutral point. Reconnect the servo horn to the servo as close to centered as possible. Test-drive your vehicle and make small adjustments to the steering trim as necessary.

Helpful Tip: Ensure that the turnbuckles are even on both sides. This will help the vehicle track straight, put less stress on the steering servo, and extend the life of the front tires.


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