Helicopter Flying Tips
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Helicopter Flying Tips

  • The helicopter is sensitive to air currents in the room and turbulence that is created when the helicopter is near the ground, walls, and ceilings.
  • Avoid air vents, air conditioners, room fans, and other devices that circulate air, as they may affect your model and cause unpredictable movements.
  • As the helicopter nears a ceiling or wall, it will be drawn to the surface and pilot correction will be required. Stay 2-3 feet away from ceilings and walls to avoid this. • Avoid obstacles such as ceiling fans and fire sprinkler heads.
  • Remember that the model flies forward, reverse, left, and right relative to its position, not relative to your position. This is important to remember when the helicoptor is flying towards you.

Note: A rapid landing is much gentler on the helicopter than striking a wall or another object that stalls the rotor blades. Note: If you do crash your model, immediately pull the throttle stick to the full down position to stop the rotor blades from spinning. Failure to do so may result in damage to the model. Do not approach the model until the rotor blades have stopped completely. Hold the throttle stick in the down position (throttle off) before picking up the model. Turn the model off and unplug the battery before inspecting it for damage. Note: Be prepared for altitude changes as you fly Forward/reverse and left/right movements may increase or reduce lift, causing the helicopter to gain or lose altitude. Be prepared to react to altitude changes by adjusting the throttle as you fly the model.