How do I get an XL-5 or EVX-2 out of LVD?
Article #542725

How do I get an XL-5 or EVX-2 speed control out of Low-Voltage Detection mode when using a NiMH battery?

If your XL-5 or EVX-2 electronic speed control (ESC) is in Low-Voltage Detection mode (for use with LiPo batteries), and is flashing red and green with a fully charged NiMH battery connected, here's how you get it back to NiMH mode.

Calibrate the ESC in the normal manner, but DO NOT release the trigger once full reverse is engaged.

Continue holding full reverse and the light on the ESC will stay green.

Continue to hold full reverse, at the same time, press and hold the EZ-Set button on the ESC for the normal 10-12 seconds until the ESC is back in NiMH mode.

NiMH mode is indicated by a solid red light on the ESC.


Note: For the EVX-2, follow the same procedure listed above, except, press the EZ-Set button while the ESC is flashing green.