Forward and Reverse Trim Adjustment (TQ 27 MHz)
Article #542551

Forward and Reverse Trim Adjustment

Operate the forward/reverse shift button on the transmitter. With the shift lever pushed down, the truck will only operate in forward motion. Pushing the shift lever up shifts the transmission into reverse. Check for normal operation of the shift servo by performing a radio check. When in forward, the shifting servo should push the transmission shifter into the transmission housing and slightly compress the rubber transmission shifter boot. When you shift into reverse, the shifting servo should extend the transmission shifter from the transmission housing.

If trim adjustments for shifting become necessary, insert a long small screwdriver into the small (channel three/shifting servo trim adjustment) access hole in the back of the transmitter. This is an extremely delicate part! Do not turn the screwdriver more than a 1/4 turn in either direction or you will break the control.