Exhaust header keeps breaking
Article #542363

If the header continues to break at the engine flange without explanation, the tuned pipe may be impacting the header. Here are a few things to check.

  1. First make sure that you are not overtightening the silicone coupler's zip ties. Having them too tight will prevent the coupler from flexing and preventing such damage.
  2. Verify that a distance of approximately 1/4-3/8" remains between the header and the tuned pipe to prevent the two from contacting during a rollover or accident.
  3. Install the tuned pipe hanger and 4x10 BCS button head screw securely so as to prevent overflexing during an impact.
  4. Always replace the silicone coupler when you replace the header.  A worn coupler cannot prevent contact between the header and tuned pipe.

By following these simple steps for proper tuned pipe installation, you can prevent the tuned pipe from impacting the header and causing breakage.