Do the many functions of the Multi-Function Knob conflict with each other?
Article #542479

The Multi-Function Knob can be set to control a number of different servo travel parameters. Do the functions conflict with each other? For example, can an adjustment to Steering Percentage "cancel out" an endpoint adjustment?

Settings made with the Multi-Function knob are "overlaid" on top of each other. For example, if you assign the Multi-Function to adjust Steering Percentage and set it for 50%, then reassign the knob to control Steering Sensitivity, the transmitter will "remember" the Steering Percentage setting. Adjustments you make to Steering Sensitivity will be applied to the 50% steering throw setting you selected previously. If you readjust steering percentage to 100%, you will get 100% of the travel you specified using the endpoint setting function. Likewise, setting the Multi-Function knob to "disabled" will prevent the knob from making further adjustments, but the last setting of the Multi-Function knob will still apply.?