TORC Round 3: Traxxas' Andrew Caddel Wins Pro Light; Rob MacCachren Dominates Pro 2WD; Greaves Scores Pro 4X4 Victory, Track Record

What a day at Crandon International Raceway! Near-perfect weather, fast track conditions, and the famously loyal Crandon fans made Round 3 of the Traxxas Off-Road Championship an event to remember.

In Super Buggy action, Traxxas-sponsored CJ Greaves trailed the bumper of winner Larry Job but couldn't make a pass stick. CJ settled for second place points, then put his race face back on as he sprinted back to the pits to climb into his Traxxas Pro Light and take the track as Top Qualifier in the class. A first-lap wreck brought the red flag out and crushed CJ's hopes of a win, but a trip to the hot pits brought him back into the race and spared him a DNF. Fellow Traxxas racer Andrew Caddell also took damage, leaving his truck without its hood and front fenders and hobbling the front suspension, but repairs in the hot pits got his machine back into racing form. On the restart, Caddell claimed the holeshot and never looked back, winning wire to wire. The victory brought the $2,500 Traxxas Pro Light purse, as well as a $1000 bonus for posting the "Traxxas Maxx Lap," the fastest lap of the race. 

Pro 2WD was the Rob MacCachren show as Rob put Mopar performance and Ram truck toughness to work with a huge holeshot that he rode to the win. Traxxas' Jeff Kincaid took the track near the back of the field, but charged forward lap after lap to move into podium position by race end, climbing the box in third behind Bryce Menzies and race winner MacChachren.

In Pro 4X4, Johnny Greaves took over the race from TQ Adrien Cenni at the start, went on to the win, and broke the track record for good measure. All the action was behind Johnny as the entire field battled for position. Rick Johnson held second place as Traxxas' Mark Jenkins put Steve Barlow and Scott Douglas behind him to move into third, but fell to fifth by race end. 

After the Pro 4X4 race wrapped, the TORC pros kept the competition going with a stop at the Crandon R/C Raceway for the TORC Pro Driver R/C Challenge. The pros drove identical Traxxas Slash 2WD trucks painted to match their full-size machines and raced for 20 laps with 20 trucks on the track. CJ Greaves, a veteran R/C racer, edged out friend and rival Andrew Caddell for the win with a 25 second advantage. Both drivers finished a lap ahead of third-place Samuel Hubinette to the cheers of the Crandon crowd. The TORC pros then seated themselves for an autograph session and broke out the Sharpies to sign hats, t-shirts, posters and hero cards. It was a great day in Crandon!

Round 4 rained out! The TORC series returns with racing at Charlotte Motor Speedway, July 22-23. Watch LIVE at, and follow the racing on the Traxxas Event Page. Keep up with Traxxas daily via Facebook,Twitter, and YouTube