EVX Electronic FWD/REV Speed Control

Traxxas® and Novak Electronics, Inc. joined forces to produce the most powerful, most advanced Ready-To-Run electric monster truck ever conceived, the Traxxas E-Maxx.™ The cornerstone of this new E-Maxx powerhouse is the stunning performance from the 14-Volt, microprocessor-controlled Traxxas EVX electronic speed control.

The Traxxas EVX was designed and manufactured just for the E-Maxx by Novak Electronics, Inc., the world's premier manufacturer of R/C electronics.

The EVX delivers an incredible 14-plus volts, from 2 battery packs, making the twin motor E-Maxx the most powerful Ready-To-Race® monster truck ever!

Traxxas responded to customer feedback and made sure the all-new EVX speed control was loaded with features that far surpass the original VX-12 speed control. One important feature is the addition of brakes with Novak Electronics Smart Braking™ technology. Hit reverse on your transmitter, and the EVX applies powerful brakes to stop the E-Maxx before switching to full proportional reverse.

The Traxxas EVX also uses Novak's exclusive One-Touch Set-Up™ making it a snap to adjust. Built-in thermal shutdown ads extra safety and protection. Sophisticated, high-frequency operation and low internal resistance provides longer run times, more speed and more fun!

The Traxxas EVX is extremely versatile. It's microprocessor control has 3 built-in programming modes including:

  • Racing mode with forward, brakes, and no reverse
  • Marine mode with forward, 20-percent reverse and no brakes.

The E-Maxx is now more than ever the wheelie-popping, ground-pounding king of the electric monster truck world.


EVX Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage: 12 cells (14.4 volts nominal)
  • Published Motor Limit: 19 turns (550 size)
  • On-Resistance: 0.006 Ohm
  • Brakes with Novak Electronics 'Smart Braking'
  • Three Drive Profiles
  • Normal: Forward/ Reverse/ Smart Braking™
  • Racing: Forward/ Brakes/ (no reverse)
  • Marine: Forward/ 20% Reverse/ (brakes)
  • Novak Electronics 'One-Touch Set-Up™
  • Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • Microprocessor based
  • Gold plated battery connectors
  • The EVX is sold, warranted, and serviced exclusively through Traxxas
Part # Description
3014 Traxxas EVX forward/reverse/brake electronic speed control
(twin-motor, 14-volt, designed and mfg. by Novak Electronics,Inc.)