TRX Power Charger

The TRX Power Charger (#3030X), makes fast charging (in about an hour) as simple as just plugging it in. Peak detection ensures a perfect charge, everytime. The TRX Power Charger also charges your 7.2V EZ-Start® battery! For use with Traxxas RX Power Packs (parts #3036 & #3037).



DC Power Adapter (sold separately)

Plug this DC power adapter (#3032) into any 12V automotive auxiliary power socket and you can operate your TRX Power Charger in the field. The 48" power cord allows safe charging outside of the vehicle. The built-in fuse protects against short circuits (use with #3030X, TRX Power Charger).



Part # Description
3030X TRX Power Charger, 1A, peak detecting/ AC adapter (for charging NiCad or NiMH 5-cell receiver packs and 6-cell (7.2V) EZ-Start packs) (includes plug adapter for 7.2V packs)
3032 Power adapter, DC (12V car adapter for TRX Power Charger)
3031 Power adapter, AC (for TRX Power Charger) (switching type, auto power input selection 100-240VAC 50-60 HZ)
3029 Plug Adapter (For TRX Power Charger to charge 7.2V Packs)