Blaine Gould Wins 3 Laps In The Traxxas TORC Pace Truck —You Could Win Next!

In addition to enjoying a weekend of exciting wheel-to-wheel R/C competition, drivers who signed up for the Traxxas TORC R/C Challenge at the Crandon International Raceway were also entered in a drawing for a ride in the Traxxas TORC Pace Truck. The prize package also included a Traxxas Slash radio-controlled racing truck, and a full set of Traxxas apparel to remind the winner of their hot lap in the race-prepped, Traxxas TORC Series Pace truck. Second and third-place winners were also drawn and won Traxxas apparel, and the second-place winner also received a Traxxas Slash.

Sixteen-year-old Blaine Gould of Wausau, WI was the lucky winner of the Traxxas TORC Pace Truck ride. It was a great weekend for Blaine—not only did he finish in the top three in TORC R/C racing, but he got to experience the ultimate thrill of riding in a Pro 2WD off-road race truck. When Blaine heard his name announced over the Crandon PA speakers he ran to the Traxxas pit to claim his prize. When asked what he thought of winning a ride in the pace truck, his excitement came through loud and clear. “This is awesome, I can’t wait!” he said enthusiastically.

Blaine was escorted to the front straightaway, where he was presented with his Traxxas Slash radio-controlled truck before climbing into the Traxxas TORC Pace Truck. Peter Vieira announced the play-by-play as Blaine strapped into the five-point harness, informing spectators “that this could be you! Sign-up for the Bark River TORC R/C races or the fall Crandon race for your chance to win a ride in the TORC Pace Truck.”

The famously fast Crandon course was freshly prepped by the track crew and Luke Johnson (son of TORC Pro 2WD points leader Ricky Johnson) took the wheel as Blaine steeled his nerves for the ride. After a half a lap, Luke and Blaine were flying around the wide-open track at race pace. After climbing out of the TORC Pace Truck, Blaine was exuberant. “Wow! That was the most amazing ride of my life!” said Blaine, as he pulled off his helmet. When asked if he was coming back for the fall Crandon TORC R/C race, Blaine assured, “definitely, I wouldn’t miss it.”