Traxxas at the 5th Annual 2009 R/C X-Fest Event

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Minnesota for the 5th annual R/C X-Fest event held at the Cambridge Fairgrounds in Cambridge, MN. The weather was beautiful and the people couldn’t have been nicer. This event has been growing in both numbers and popularity each and every year. With an overall entry count well over 200 this year and great support from the manufacturers, this event has proved to be the best yet. Mike Fisk and crew put a lot of sweat and tears into this event and it shows.

On the agenda for the weekend was Slash racing on Friday night (on the Slash-specific race course built to the side), all qualifying for the other classes on the big X-Fest track on Saturday night, with all mains to be run on Sunday. Racing wasn’t the only excitement at the X-Fest. Mike put together a great show for the crowd with hilarious events such as the "Spud Run" where participants drove their vehicles through a trough of instant potatoes. This was insanely funny and got anyone who was sitting close enough a face full of taters.

There were also jump contests on the 10ft+ "Mountain" jump (above) on the back straight of the X-Fest track, which brought a lot of oohs and aahs, along with freestyle exhibitions periodically to keep people on their feet. I entered the Last Man Standing event where you had to drive around without a pit man or marshals on the track. This was a riot, because once you were hung on a pipe, flamed out or flipped over, it was over for you. The goal was to knock out the competition without taking yourself out and the last driver on the track wins. I didn’t last very long at this one as I got hung on a pipe that I didn’t see and spent the rest of my tank trying to throttle off of it with no luck. I made some cool ruts though.

The main events were held on the Slash specific track on Friday night and on the big nitro X-Fest track on Sunday. The Slash racing was a blast. Nearly 40 Slash entries raced two rounds of qualifying and the mains all on Friday night. There were both stock and open classes and lots of fun was had by all. The track was perfect for Slash racing with high-speed berms, jumps and even bigger jumps. The dirt was soft and loamy which made for great roosts and traction as well.




Monster Truck

The Revo racing on the big track was also intense. The competition was tight and qualifying was close. The track got so blown out it was a challenge just to make it from one corner to the next without flipping over. I just love rough track racing with loamy dirt. This is the way off-road racing should be.


1Steve Slayden1110:05
2Brian Krusick1110:09
3Jon I1010:03
4Jeremy Lamb1010:06
5Jordan Olson1010:22
6Katzmorek Frank1010:37
7Bryan Burrows910:47
8Kurt Hoffman810:05
9Robert Rangel810:10
11Cory Squires00:00


The FHF X-Fest event was a blast. I haven’t had quite this much fun at an event in a while. I hope to return next year and I commend Mike and his crew for putting on such an amazing event. If history repeats itself, then next year will be even better. Thanks to all who came by my pit area to chat or to ask for help. If you ever see me at an event feel free to swing by and hang out. My favorite part of this hobby is meeting fellow R/C enthusiasts and having a good time. See ya next time!