Big-Volt Basher: Tuning The E-Revo Brushless Edition For Maximum Stability & Durability

With 6S LiPo power on board, the Traxxas E-Revo® Brushless Edition is the wildest ride in radio control. Instant wheelies, blacktop-buckling acceleration, and supersonic speed combine with E-Revo's dynamic handling to deliver an extreme driving experience like no other. Unleashing all 22.2 volts of power without compromising driving precision takes skill, but with a little tuning, you can dial-in your E-Revo for an ultra-stable ride that will help you hold the reins on this mighty machine even as you uncork its full power potential.

The E-Revo's suspension has deep travel and a plush feel, which gives it incredible all-terrain capability but also allows more chassis roll than you might want when pushing 65mph. The Traxxas sway bar kit (#5498) installs easily to give the E-Revo a flatter cornering attitude and improved response when transitioning from turn to turn. Everything you need to install front and rear sway bars is in the kit. Steel turnbuckle links are provided, but if you want to add a custom touch, you can replace the front linkages with 49mm aluminum turnbuckles. You can get them in blue, as shown here (#3738A) or red (#3738). They come assembled with heavy-duty rod ends, and as you can see, they're beefy. Nice stuff.

To give this E-Revo a sinister look, the stock, polished pushrods were replaced with black P3 pushrods (#5319). These pushrods are 10mm longer than the stockers, so the preload was reset on the truck to attain an appropriate ride height. To save weight, increase stiffness, and keep the blackout-look going, the stock steel toe links were swapped out for a set of black-anodized Traxxas TUBES™ toe links (#5338A). The graphics are etched-in, so the factory look is permanent. Note the shiny rings on the ends of the toe links; those are the steel inserts used for the threaded portion of the TUBES. Combined with the hollow aluminum shaft, you get a 30% lighter part that's four times stiffer. Can't beat that combo. You can also get the pushrods and TUBES in red-anodized aluminum.

One of the best ways to improve the E-Revo's stability is to lengthen the wheelbase. Traxxas E-Revo/ Revo extended wheelbase rear suspension arms (#5333R) are designed just for this purpose. The arms have two sets of holes for the pivot balls; the forward position increase the truck's wheelbase by 10mm, and the rear position (as shown at left) increases wheelbase by 19mm.

Since this particular E-Revo is going to see a lot of time with 6S power, the stock yoke-type universal-joint driveshafts were swapped for the new CV drive shafts as used in the Summit. The stock axles are plenty tough, but the Summit CVs are just that much stronger and are a good upgrade for long-term durability.

To make the switch, you'll need the following parts

QtyPart NumberPart Name
(2)#5656Summit Driveshaft, long
(4)#5654Summit CV Stub axle
(4)#5653Summit diff output CV drive




In addition to a longer wheelbase, this E-Revo has a wider track, thanks to the addition of Geode™ wheels. Look familiar? These are the wheels used on the Summit, minus the beadlock-style trim rings (which we left off, but they could be installed if that's the look you're going for). The Geode wheels have a half-inch greater offset, for a total width increase of one inch. The 17mm hexes are standard equipment for the E-Revo, no upgrade required for 6S horsepower. Laying the power to the ground is a complete set of Traxxas Response Pro tires (#5375), Traxxas' best track tires and a great set of sneakers for any off-road action.

The Traxxas E-Revo wheelie bar (#5472) helps with launch control. The quick-release design allows you to set the bar low for maximum launch control, raised high for off-road action, or in any of three positions in between to suit just how high you like your wheelstands. For an extra jolt of anodized style, the wheelie bar's stock plastic wheels were replaced with rubber-tired, machined aluminum wheelie bar wheels (#5186A). You can also get these in red, and the white lettering on the tires is standard. They look killer, and the rubber tires also help the wheelie bar stick better to keep the E-Revo under control.

Covering this custom E-Revo is a ProGraphix® body (#5611X) finished with Parma's Fasaqua water-based polycarbonate paint. We shot it with an airbrush, but you can get the same result with a rattle can. All the graphics you see (minus the E-Revo logo and window decals) are printed right on the body; all you add is the backing color. No masking or skill required! Purely for style, the standard black rear wing was swapped out for the Exo-Carbon version (#5446G). It looks just like carbon fiber, but the Exo-Carbon wing is just as flexible and durable as the stocker. You can also get the wing in solid white if that suits your colors better.


Complete parts list (and quantities) used in this project

QtyPart NumberPart Name
(1)#5498Sway Bar kit
(2)#5319Black pushrods
(2)#5338ABlack anodized Tubes Toe-links
(1)#5333RExtended Wheelbase arms
(2)#5656Summit Driveshaft, long
(4)#5654Summit CV Stub axle
(4)#5653Summit diff output CV drive
(2)#5375Response Pro Tires
(2)#5671Geode™ chrome wheels
(1)#5472Wheelie Bar
(1)#5186ABlue Wheelie bar wheels
(1)#5446GExo-Carbon Wing
(1)#5611XProGraphix Body