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    Brushed to Brushless w/ Sidewinder 8th

    I recently purchased a Summit, and it is a lot of fun. I did, however want something faster. My research led me to the ERBE, however some said it almost had too much power (bye bye drive-train), and the price point was pretty high. I decided to go with a brushed edition and a Castle Sidewinder 8th edition (supposedly more tame). All said and done, it cost me $200 less than the ERBE retails for.

    I finished building it last night, and took it for a spin this morning. I'm quite impressed, I have it on 18/68 gearing on 4S, and it moves quite fast. On pavement, I can wheelie from a stop without issue, but not while going over about 10mph. Which frankly is exactly what I wanted. I hit some dirt jumps on the trail at the park, and it sure can get some air! I had a blast and it is exactly what I was hoping for!

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