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    Traxxas series 1 battery problem

    I recently bought a Traxxas summit VXL 1/16 and then i charged the series 1 Traxxas battery with the stock charger for 8 hours. I checked the battery but it was NOT warm/Hot. I put the bateery in the car attached the wires the ESC turned on for about 30 seconds and blacked out. The acceleration was also extremely slow and tge servo wqs sluggish. What am i doing wrong? Plz Help?? I have started douvting Traxxas

    wait:I have not changed the factory setting at all as long as i remember

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    The stock chargers rarely work. You would be hard pressed to find someone else that uses them. I would take this as an upgrade opportunity, and buy a smart charger.
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    I agree. But a better charger. If that is your only battery then an onyx 100 should work well for you.
    This will TOTALLY work, saw a guy on YouTube do it

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