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    Just got my New Alias... Yesterday 7/14...

    Just came to my doorstep Via UPS from A-Main Hobbies Yesterday... Our New Alias's My Girlfriend/Soon to be Wife got these Heli's From A-Main Hobbies as a change of pace from running/bashing our T-Maxx's & 4-Tech's @ our Local park we always go too to Bash/Play around "witch we always enjoy running our trucks together" but we wanted something different So it was either the Alias or the Blast Boat "our park has a decent size pond" but my Girlfriend was concerned about Bug's & GEESE @ waters edge SO WE BOTH AGREED ON THE ALIAS... We are planning on unboxing them tonight "After Work" & giving them there 1st test flights... I have heard this Alias is COOL @ night time Flights....

    My girlfriend also got spare props & gears & 2 sets of spare (8) Motors 1 set for her Heli & 1 set for my Heli
    what else is a good thing to get as spares... Only other thing I can think of is a bigger battery for longer flights... Box says 15 min Flight Times with included battery...But being Heli NOOBS I think 15 minutes is a Long Time for US... since we will be leaning to fly the alias safely and properly...
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    Spare batteries, shafts and bearings. Don't try bashing your Alias together!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdw50 View Post
    Spare batteries, shafts and bearings. Don't try bashing your Alias together!

    nitropair4218: What you already have as extra parts, plus what rdw50 mentioned, are good to keep you flying.

    Definitely recommend another set of batteries for both of you. The Alias is a lot of fun, and the time goes by fast. Oh, and it is fun to fly at night.

    Here's a link for what I've done at night... Long Exposure Project. It hasn't been updated since December... yikes, I need to go fly again.

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