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    Thinking of getting a spartan,, HELP!

    Im thinking of getting a traxxas Spartan and was wondering a few things?

    1) How much run time do you get box stock with stock mah batteries?
    2) Top speed on 4s everything box stock?
    3)Runtime on 4s?


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    I can only tell you what I get with using 6s Lipo's. Maybe you can still get an idea of what your run time would be. If I run my 6400's I get 30 minutes, if I run 8,000 I get 50 minutes, and if I run 10,000 I get an hour. When I used to run 5000 I got 20 minutes. All my batteries are either Traxxas (most) or Onyx (some) 25c batteries.

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    Thanks I'm probably gonna get 6s then

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    We tend to suggest/recommend that your batteries are capable of delivering approx. 200 Ah maximum safe discharge rate.

    So it is wise to ensure the C rating of the batteries you purchase is adequate, regardless of brand or cell count.

    Discharge rate is determined by multiplying the Ah rating by the C rating.

    ReglarDude is running 8000 and 10000 mAh batteries at 25C discharge rate.
    these are 8Ah and 10Ah batteries respectively.
    8Ah x 25C = 200 Ah max safe discharge
    10Ah x 25C = 250Ah

    If you run 5000 mAh (5Ah) batteries you need a minimum C rating of 40.
    5Ah x 40C = 200Ah.
    etc etc.


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    Keep it simple

    Don't forget every time you upgrade any thing such as prop or battery you work the esc and motor harder and the stock stuff is good to go but they do have limitaions so b carful and don't over heat get telamitry it will help with this just keep in mind this boat is a good product you don't have to do a lot to it to make it faster, it can turn into a money pit just trying to get a couple of more mph out of it, it's not worth the money to ruine a perfectly good boat for 2 - 5 mph's good luck and keep it fun
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