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    rally to slash...

    is it possible to take the rally vxl 1/16 scale verison and convert it to a slash or "buggy" type thing? and if so then what would it take because im tired of driving mine on road.. i want off road!
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    There is not much difference in on/off road capabilities between the Rally and the Slash... they are basically the same RC other than body and tire type. As a matter of fact, that is about all that is changed to convert between the two.

    If you want off-road... the Revo and Summit are as off-road as the 16ths can get.

    Off the top of my head...
    Body mounts
    Front skid?
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    i really didnt want the e revo because i drove one and they act simply stupid... but thanks for those sugestions
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    Just buy a roller and transfer the electronics
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    I converted my Slash to a Rally and made the following table to help me during my conversion. Hopefully this will assist those trying to convert their Slash

    Slash KB Rally Rally VXL
    Body 7012R 7316 7312
    Wheels 7072 / 7072A 7374A 7371
    Tires 7071 7373 7370
    Body Mounts 7015 7335 7335
    Body Post 7015 7315 7315
    Bumper 7035 7336 7336
    Pinion 28T 28T 28T
    Spur 45T 45T 45T
    Tie Rods 7038 7038A 7038
    Push Rods 7018 7018A 7018
    Front Arms 7031 7031 7031
    Rear Arms 7032 7032 7032
    Driveshafts 7050 7050 7050
    Rockers 7158 7158 7158
    Skid Plates 7037 7037 7037
    Dampners 7062 7067 7067
    Springs 7141/7142 7340 7340

    I hope I didnt fat finger this table as it took me a while to figure out how to build one so everyone could read it correctly.

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