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    What is your "bottom_out" drop height?

    Wondering how you guys have your suspension set. How big of a drop before you get chassis slap? And do you mostly race or bash?

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    On my MT slash, I am using mashers as tires so there ia good clearance thus I have the rear shock set to the last hole of my rpm ram and the front on the fourth from the wheels.

    I have bashed and raced mostly on dirt track and it seems to be good for me, the oil at the front shocks are 30w and rear 40w.

    I have not changed the ride height of the proline power-strokes, they absorb quite well on that setting. Luckily I have managed to land nicely too so not a lot of scratches visible on my dyed chassis.
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    Racer here... about 10 - 12 inches. Running 60w in front 2nd hole out from inside on the a-arm, and 50wt in rear 3rd hole from the outside on the a-arm. Traxxas pink springs all around. Ride height axles level.

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    Same here, around a foot at most on a flat surface. When you land a jump properly, this is more than enough.

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    Sounds good to me.

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