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    Thumbs down I think the real frustration with this product is how a marketing video made it look.

    I have had two Alias flew away once it got out of range (my 12 year old had no idea it would become unresponsive, not respond to throttle commands and continue to fly away...not a product issue). But my second son has had the joy of his LaTraxx being a "hanger queen" on this continuing bad motor issue.

    The reason I felt confidence in purchasing these in the first place was a video: one showing an Alias slamming into a stop sign and getting right back up. This was BEFORE the motor issue started getting solid discussion on this forum.
    According to some moderators here, "not killing the throttle" when collisions/objects interrupt prop spin causes motors to fail prematurely. Fortunately for him, his Alias appears to not suffer the well documented issues with motors that mine (and many others) have. This is my 3rd issue with failing after just executing a single flip. I am sick of seeing my 10 year old be so excited when we fix the bird and then become dejected when it fails almost instantly as another motor fails. it is NOT the fault of the operator. As of now, my son asked me to just "sell" it as he no longer wants a quad that so easily breaks. And NO his piloting skills didn't kill these motors.

    I would like to know, from those who are not blessed with a perfect Alias, if they feel the video accurately set the expectation of quality and durability that they have experienced with this product.
    Unfortunately I purchased this thru Tower Hobbies and can't get a refund, unless Traxxas offers one (doubtful). It did take a long time to get parts back in December, and the support I do get is ok...but it seems no number of replacement parts keeps this bird in the air long. Its in my opinion, not the Alias depicted in the video in terms of being operationally "robust"

    Yes I am upset...feel free to blast away

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    Closed thread since it was turning into a pointless thread.
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