Well it would seem that I might have suffered from my first LiPo Failure...

I do have to say that I am glad that I noticed this before I placed it on the charger and left it to charge for the evening. I could only imagine what kind of dmg it might have caused..

To me it looks like one of my very HARD landings or maybe the wall my wife hit caused the battery to slightly crush at the one end. This might be the cause of a mistake my wife made once and left an almost dead LiPo hooked up in my Slash after using it and I didnt get back to it for a week. *I know VERY VERY BAD for the poor lil LiPo* I am not taking any chances and going to buy me a second charging bag to place it in until I can get in contact with Traxxas for the 50% warranty as this is over a year old, but only barely..

Sadly I only had 2 LiPo's, this and my 4000mAh that came with the Slash. Looks like a good reason to talk the wife into letting me upgrade to a few 3s packs for a bit more FUN!!!