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    Need a Slipper Clutch

    Hi everyone... Well Me & The Wife ventured out to our Local Off Road Track "last Saturday" the Track was recently Over Hauled & Re-designed & Configured... It was Really Slick TOO our Slayers had a hard time finding traction The Stock BF Good Wrenches had trouble all day...

    But anyway I think WE smoked our Slipper Clutch's ( toward the end of the day ) because our Slayers SCREAM @ full throttle & just move slowly "like the brakes are applied a bit" I think with the track being slick & rough "washboard rut's" I think may have damaged our clutches.... I called Traxxas on Monday they suggested swapping out to new Complete Slipper Clutches... My question is there a upgraded clutch system 1 that will be a 1-UP from the STOCK TRAXXAS Slipper Clutch or should I just get the ORG TRAXXAS Clutches The ORG Clutches HELD UP PRETTY LONG & thinking of just getting the STOCK Replacement Clutches....
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    Is there any adjustment left on the nut? Is it possible to tighten it up a little bit?

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    Just go with new. Or you could remove the pads and plate and remove the glazing.
    Some others have used the 2.5 T-Maxx brake pad as a slipper pad after a little modification.
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    I use the Hot racing slipper system for the revo and it works great. Its one of those put on and forget systems. I also have the st racing 3 shoe clutch system on my 3.3. I prefer the set and forget options so that I
    don't have to deal with it in the long run.
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    I use the Traxxas optional heavy duty slipper rebuild kit 5352R with aluminum slipper pads with no problems. A good tip with using this kit is to pre sand and scuff up the friction plate and pads before installation.

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