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    Question Diff oils in 4x4 trucks

    I was wondering why do almost everyone puts a heavier diff oil in the front diffs and less at the rear for 4x4 trucks; eg. e-revo, slash, e-maxx and 4x4 stampede.

    And there are some who does the opposite, what are the disadvantages, cons and pros.

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    From what I understand it affects how your truck takes the corners. Or where you give it gas in the corners. I'm not sure, but I remember reading something like that.
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    Heavier oil in the rear diff tends to allow the rear to push the front through the corner instead of allowing it to turn into the corner.

    I have tried quite a few combinations, 20%+ heavier in front has always lead to the best handling; even just for bashing. I currently have 100k/500k/60k (F/C/R) in my basher... handling is superb!
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    I've always done the opposite. Heavier in the rear. I run 50K rear and 30K front Or I run even 50 front & rear. I haven't really noticed much difference but I'm just a backyard Rc'er. I always thought thicker oil in the rear would help the rear rotate better in the corners.

    Now that Jimmy pointed that out and I sat here and thought about it a while it makes more sense what he said. Thicker fluid in the rear diff would probably be good for speed runs.

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