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    Hello and a couple of questions

    Hello all,
    I have a 3908 model emaxx and I have a couple of questions.
    Does anyone have the part number of a complete set gears that will fit into the FLM hybrid bulks? I have a set now but the gears are worn down and keep slipping no matter how much I shim them.
    Also this might sound like a dumb question but I bought a set of knockoffs and a set of tires and rims off of eBay but the knockoffs won't screw on the axles that I have, is there a certain kind of axle or hex adapter that I would need for these to work?
    I am mainly asking cause I live in the Philippines and there is no LHS in the area for me to try and see what will work correctly, I usually have to get the majority of my stuff on eBay and ordering the wrong parts can get expensive.
    Sorry if I am not explaining my problem correctly.

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    IM surprised no one has responded to this. While I haven't done it myself, look for Losi LST diffs for the hybrid bulks. I don't know the part numbers exactly but there are plenty of builds here that are using them.

    You should have 17mm hubs. If its older you would have 14mm and yes, there is an adapter kit to move up to 17mm or remove them and buy the 14mm.

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    I donít think the lat ring gear fits the hybrid bulks without some dremel work on the diff housing area. The ring gear is a touch bigger.
    Man i need more than 50 characters.

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